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AutoFilter Sorts Data at a Glance

If you’re looking to pull just a few isolated pieces of data out of a large table, Excel’s AutoFilter function might be just the ticket. You don’t have to write any formulas, and it’s easy to undo a filter and move on to a different category. Let’s say you’re reviewing a long list of clients and trying to isolate only those accounts who have utilized your maintenance services. You’d do the following:

1. Click in cell A1.

2. Go to Data –> Filter –> AutoFilter.

3. Excel will automatically apply the AutoFilter functionality to the first cell in every column. You should see a small arrow on the right-hand side of each cell in Row 1. When you click that arrow, it shows a drop-down box with several AutoFilter options.

4. Click the drop-down on Service category and select Maintenance.

5. Excel will automatically strip out all categories besides Maintenance.

6. To show all categories again, just go back to the drop-down menu on Service category and select All. If you’ve got a question about Excel or other Microsoft Office products, we can help! Just give us a call at (800) 399-CMIT or visit http://www.cmitsolutions.com.


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