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Automation Spares You from Human Errors – And Saves Time

It’s a common enough story. In order to save on software costs, a business just installs the free version of a popular antivirus program on all its computers. It’s up to each user to run periodic system scans and updates.
Invariably, somebody forgets to run a system scan. Or they get so frustrated with the performance hit to their computer when a scan is running that they stop it before it’s complete. Their system goes without the proper updates for a while, and eventually the user accidentally visits the wrong web site or clicks on the wrong email attachment and downloads a nasty virus.
Or consider this scenario: a company leaves one employee in charge of running backups. That employee goes on vacation or stays home sick one day, so the backups don’t run. And that’s the day the server fails.
As odd as it sounds, you cannot rely solely on human effort to keep your computer systems safe. You must automate if you’re going to have consistent, reliable updates to your security software and backup systems. And you need processes to run independent of any particular individual.
If you’re a business owner, or if you’re the person in charge of running updates and performing regular maintenance, it can be hard to relinquish control. But you’ll free up untold amounts of time and spare yourself endless headaches if you aren’t in charge of everything. Automatic updates and scans, deployed system-wide, ensure that your whole business stays safe and up-to-date no matter who’s in the office and who remembers to do what.
CMIT Solutions can automatically run system scans, software updates, virus and malware definition updates with our CMIT Marathon managed services package. We also offer automatic data backups as part of the CMIT Guardian backup and disaster recovery service. Call us at (800) 399-CMIT or visit http://www.cmitsolutions.com to find out more.

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