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Make Your Internal IT Department More Productive, Efficient, and Effective – Without Adding Headcount or New Vendors

If you’ve got an in-house IT staff, you know how hard it is to coordinate all of the many tasks regularly assigned to your technical gurus. More often than not, techs deal with problems on a first-come, first-served basis — or according to the “squeaky wheel” principle, where whoever yells the loudest gets the most attention.
This can result in unhappy employees, an overworked and harried IT staff, and a feeling that everybody’s struggling to keep up with IT demands instead of actually getting ahead and concentrating on projects that can really help out the whole business instead of a few individuals.
What you need is a way to prioritize tasks, also known as “tickets,” and coordinate schedules so that technicians, non-technical employees, and management all have a clear picture of who’s working on what. 
Well, we’ve finally found a way – and we wanted you to be the first to know about it. Today we’re announcing the release of CMIT Service Center, a new add-on product to the award-winning external IT service desk management software that’s already available when you sign up for CMIT Marathon. CMIT Service Center lets you log and track internal IT service requests, distribute those requests to the most appropriate person (whether it’s in-house staff or CMIT technicians), and create custom follow-on questions and workflow rules to suit the unique demands and structure of your business. In essence, it takes all those coordination and scheduling capabilities you enjoy when you work with CMIT technicians and brings them in-house.
CMIT Service Center lets you streamline and formalize the internal service ticket process — resulting in real accountability, better service, and more efficient use of your IT staff and resources. Sounds pretty good, right? Call (800) 399-CMIT or visit www.cmitsolutions.com/servicecenter.php to learn more.


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