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Make Sure a Weather Event Doesn’t Permanently Damage Your Business

Don’t wait until a nasty storm is headed your way to think about how you’ll protect your computer equipment from an extreme weather event. A little bit of planning can help so that, in the event of a real emergency, you’ll have a specific to-do list that will keep you on track and increase the chances that your business can recover quickly from any physical damage to your office.
1.      Determine how you’re going to handle incoming phone calls and try to find a line that’s more likely to stay in service. Can you redirect calls to an out-of-state branch office? How about redirecting them to your cell phone or the phones of other key employees? (This of course won’t be very helpful if nearby cell phone towers get knocked out.) Another solution is to engage an answering service to mind the phones until you’re back online.
2.      Run a “fire drill” on your offsite backups and make sure they’re capable of a full system restore.
3.      Make sure your most important business documents – articles of incorporation, tax records, contracts, software licenses, and so on – are in a flood-proof, fireproof storage container and consider keeping it offsite.
4.      When you leave the office, power off your workstations first, then your servers, then your network equipment. If you use a VoIP phone service, your phone system is connected through your Internet service and will not work after you power down your network equipment.
5.      After the storm passes through, power up your equipment in the reverse order.
This is a link to a hurricane preparedness checklist, but it’s really applicable to all sorts of weather and emergency events: http://www.cdera.org/doccentre/fs_checklist_biz.php

One of the best things you can do to help preserve your critical business data — and make sure it’s retrievable even if your physical office ever suffers from significant physical damage — is to use a secure offsite backup. Find out more about CMIT’s offsite backup and disaster recovery solutions here: www.cmitsolutions.com/guardian.php


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