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Flag Sensitive, Urgent, and Draft Documents with Watermarks

When you’re circulating a document for group review, you sometimes want to make it absolutely clear what the purpose or the status of the document is. Watermarks such as “CONFIDENTIAL” or “DRAFT’ help get the point across.
Watermarks are easy to insert in Word 2007. Just follow these steps:
  1. Click Page Layout on the Office ribbon.
  2. Go to the Page Background group and click Watermark.
  3. Select the watermark you’d like to use.
  4. To create a custom text watermark, first remove the existing one by going to the Page Background group, clicking Watermark, and clicking Remove Watermark. Click Custom Watermark, then Text Watermark, and type in your custom watermark. Click Apply.
The process is slightly different with Word 2000 and 2003:
  1. Go to the Format menu, then select Background, and click Printed Watermark.
  2. To insert a picture as a watermark, click Picture Watermark. Then click Select Picture. Select the picture you want, and then click Insert.
    To insert text as a watermark, click Text Watermark. Then select an existing watermark or enter your own custom text.
  3. Use the Print Layout view to see how it will appear on the printed page.

If you’ve got a question about using Microsoft Word or other Office products, CMIT Solutions can help. Give us a call at (800) 399-CMIT.


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