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Great Use of Tech Innovations: Haiti Text Campaign

In the past few years, as texting has become more and more prevalent, different companies have emerged to try to capitalize on the trend.  Outside of phone companies charging a user for SMS, other businesses have designed systems for users to text a specific code to a number and receive something in return, most popularly, music/ringtones and pictures.

This week, as the world watched in horror as images of a poverty-stricken country suffering from one of the most violent natural disasters in recorded history, technology played a new role: humanitarian.

Donations to Haiti via text messages have surpassed $5 million in a matter of days.  Donations are coming in at a rate of about $200,000 each hour, so the total is likely to be closer to $6 million soon.

Ten years ago, this type of campaign would have been nearly impossible.  Today, it’s taken less than a week.  As we go through our daily lives struggling to make technology work better, faster and cheaper, it’s important to remember that we can use it to help others around the world as well.

You can donate $10 to Haiti relief by texting “Haiti” to 90999.


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