About the CMIT Blog

This is a blog maintained by the home office of CMIT Solutions.  You can learn more about our company by visiting our website at http://www.cmitsolutions.com.  We are a technology service franchise providing solutions to small businesses.  Our focus is providing value to the SMB space by streamlining technology and making offices more productive.  We do IT differently by focusing on preventative maintenance and pro-active security.  We have packages like CMIT Marathon and CMIT Guardian available that take the headache out of IT.


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  1. Dear Webmaster,

    I have visited your blog “http://scottsdaleairpark.com/wordpress/” and I think that my content could be of interest to your blog readers.

    I have already placed a link to your blog along with a description at “http://www.scottsdaleairparkit.com/”. If you want the description of your blog modified or if you have any other cross-promotion ideas, let me know.

    I would appreciate if you placed a link back to my blog:

    CMIT Solutions of the Northeast Valley offers tech support, strategic advice, technological expertise and IT consulting and computer support services for business owners in Scottsdale, Arizona.


    Best regards,

    Jason Yarger

    http://www.scottsdaleairparkit.com/- jyargs@gmail.com
    15210 N. Scottsdale Rd. ste 230. Scottsdale AZ 85254
    Phone: (602) 999-2529

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