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Do you want to Grow Your Small Business without giving up your LIFE?

The CMIT Summer Webinar Series is here! Listen to why you should attend this event.

One of the biggest complaints of small business owners is that they don’t get to spend enough time on their own professional development.

Lisa Earle McLeodCMIT is pleased to host business author and humor columnist Lisa Earle McLeod in a fun, free summer webinar series specifically designed for you, the small business owner. The series will focus on three topics that business leaders consistently cite as the most challenging, and that can also have the greatest impact on the bottom line – networking, employee engagement, and internal organization.

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June 24, 2010 –
Is Networking a Waste of Time? Or An Effective Marketing Strategy?
How to be a great networker without being a creeper.

July 22, 2010 –
Motivating Employees During Tough Times.
3 things you can do right now that won’t cost you a dime.

August 26, 2010 –
The 3 Secrets of Organizing Your Business (and your life).
Are you running your life or is it running you? Simple steps to reverse the order.

Learn more about Lisa Earle McLeod from her website, http://www.lisaearlemcleod.com

Check out the CMIT archives: Small Business Technology Webinars
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Great Use of Tech Innovations: Haiti Text Campaign

In the past few years, as texting has become more and more prevalent, different companies have emerged to try to capitalize on the trend.  Outside of phone companies charging a user for SMS, other businesses have designed systems for users to text a specific code to a number and receive something in return, most popularly, music/ringtones and pictures.

This week, as the world watched in horror as images of a poverty-stricken country suffering from one of the most violent natural disasters in recorded history, technology played a new role: humanitarian.

Donations to Haiti via text messages have surpassed $5 million in a matter of days.  Donations are coming in at a rate of about $200,000 each hour, so the total is likely to be closer to $6 million soon.

Ten years ago, this type of campaign would have been nearly impossible.  Today, it’s taken less than a week.  As we go through our daily lives struggling to make technology work better, faster and cheaper, it’s important to remember that we can use it to help others around the world as well.

You can donate $10 to Haiti relief by texting “Haiti” to 90999.

The Proper Way To Recharge Your Batteries

If you own a laptop, you’ve no doubt suffered the whims of the Battery Gods at one time or another. You fully charge your battery, depart for a long trip, and as soon as you get on the plane you discover that your battery is nearly empty. What happened? And how can you prevent it from happening again?

The sad truth is that all batteries, no matter how well made and well tended, will eventually die — and over time, they become less and less effective at holding a charge. Various schools of thought have evolved regarding how to prolong the life and effectiveness of a battery. Such as: Keep it fully charged! Or: Let it run down to nothing and then charge it up again! And so on. So who’s right?

A recent article in Slate includes advice from a battery expert who suggests keeping your battery between 20 and 80 percent charged most of the time. Continuing to charge it once it’s full can actually be very stressful on a battery — as can heat.

As to maximizing the amount of use you can get out of your laptop before you need to recharge it, try these measures:

1. Dim your screen. Computer screens use up a surprising amount of power when they’re at maximum brightness.

2. Minimize moving parts. Whirring fans and spinning disk drives can quickly deplete your battery, so keep your computer cool and don’t run DVDs or CDs.

3. Turn off autosave. You should, of course, periodically save whatever you’re working on, but autosave eats up more power than you want to use if you’re running on a battery.

4. Don’t multitask. Keep the number of programs and processes you’re running to a minimum.

5. Don’t use external devices. Any USB-connected device, even if it’s shut off, can still drain battery power, so avoid using mice or flash drives.

In addition, laptops running Windows XP and Vista will have a “Power Options” setting in the control panel that lets you adjust your machine’s power consumption

Give Your Documents a Uniform Look with Themes

A nice feature of Office 2007 is that you can make documents from several different programs – Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook – all have the same look and feel. Whereas in the past you’d have to alter the color and style of every table, chart, and shape in every document separately, you can now just select a theme that takes care of all those details automatically.

For example, here’s a simple chart using the theme called Office:

Windows 7 tips, themes

Here’s that same chart using the theme called Perspective:

Windows 7 tips, themes

As you can see, the theme affects the font, color, shading, and shadow effects. And because it’s available in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, your chart will look the same no matter what program it appears in – and all the other charts you use will have a similar look.

The Themes gallery is accessible from the Formatting Palette. To create your own custom theme, you can open up a given theme and then alter the font, colors, and effects, and then save as a new theme. Just use the customization settings to the right of the thumbnailed themes, visible in the screen shot below.

Windows 7 tips, themes

Tony Puzzo is the September 2009 Franchise Partner of the Month

Tony PuzzoTony Puzzo is not only the President of CMIT Solutions of Greater Hackensack, but also the Area Developer for North New Jersey and South New York State. Prior to opening his CMIT location, Tony was the Director of IT for Verizon. He oversaw the Back Operations, Human Resources, Supply and Financial departments, which gives him an edge in understanding what multi-level organizations need in terms of IT support.

Because of Tony’s dedication and organization, he has proven himself an important asset to the CMIT Team. He is a team player and is always willing to offer his advice and assistance to those in the system, making him an outstanding Franchise Partner of the Month for September 2009.

Floods, Fire, Theft & More! CMIT Solutions Franchise Partner, Scott Brennan, Discusses Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

 Floods, Fire, Theft & More

Scott Brennan, the owner of CMIT Solutions of Fox Valley North in the Chicago area, shared useful tips on data backup and disaster recovery on WGN TV.

This short news segment might just help you avoid a very expensive, time consuming computer crash or server problem.

Tune in to http://www.wgntv.com/lunch_break to get some valuable tips from an IT veteran!