Dell – Future of Computing

On December 4th I attended a Dell event in Austin, TX called “Future of Computing.”  I was let down that there was not much material on the future of computing but they did share some of Dell’s new products and services.  Dell is focused on Simplifying IT.  They have a great marketing strategy around this.  They confirmed the buzz I have been hearing all year by focusing on Green technology, virtualization and ease of remote access.  There new line of E products are really great.  They have some really good tiny laptops up to the high performing large screen laptops.  They now come in blue, red and pink.  I learned that making these in green is damaging to the environment (now isn’t that ironic).  These new machines can get up to 19 hours of battery life and have an express charge that charges it in 1 hour.  The USB Powershare will charge peripherals even if the machine is turned off.  How neat is that?  The E series launched in September of 2008.

Dell is increasing their services division.  The principle partner is Uttam Reedy and presented on the future of Services at Dell.  They are focused on SaaS and Microsoft Hosted Services.  They purchased Evergreen for the asset management and encryption services.  They purchased ASAP for the software licensing and management services.  They purchased Message One for the email continuity and archiving services.  They are packaging all of these offerings into their al la carte service model.  You can now pre-load any or all of these services onto your new custom built Dell computer.  The Microsoft Hosted Services is around exchange, Unified Communications, SharePoint and Forefront.  They didn’t give many details here but I believe it is around servicing the mid-size market that wants to implement these Microsoft solutions.

So the day at Dell was insightful even if the title was misleading.