Expert vs. Trusted Advisor

I read a great article today from a newsletter.  It really helped me understand the difference of a trusted advisor from an “expert”.  As the economy cycles through these turbulent times, it is important to stay close to your clients and have them see you as part of the strategic team.  Make sure you are aware of your clients strategic goals and how technology can help streamline their business.

Read the below excerpt from “Great Time to Become a Client Advisor” by Phil Verghis the President of The Verghis Group, Inc.

“I recently re-read Clients for Life: Evolving from an Expert-for-Hire to an Extraordinary Adviser by Jagdish Sheth and Andrew Sobel. In it, they interview CEOs and advisors to see what distinguishes a client advisor – an irreplaceable resource – from a tradable commodity like an expert.

•    Experts are specialists; advisors become deep generalists with broad perspective.
•    Experts are for hire; advisors have selfless independence.
•    Experts have professional credibility; advisors have deep personal trust.
•    Experts analyze; advisors synthesize.
•    Experts supply expertise; advisors are educators who provide insight and wisdom.
As we explore the shift from a tiered model of support to a Savvy Support model, one of the key attributes will be a transition from frontline staff being break-fix experts to valued advisors. Under Savvy Support, routine/ simple/ known issues are taken care of either by eliminating the problem in the first place or solving the issues via self service. This approach frees the support staff to handle more difficult, unknown problems. The more they focus on resolving these, the more likely they are to become client advisors.

There you have it: how to move from being “hired hands” to “client advisors.” The faster you make the change, the more your clients will trust you and call on you — in good times and bad.”