Strategies for Driving more Business

I have a background in web analytics so I’m interested in articles about increasing web traffic.  Your company website is the cheapest way to inform people about your business.  I have spent many hours working on our new site that will launch in a few weeks.  I can’t wait as I know it will help all of CMIT get more clients.

Two articles from Entrepreneur magazine (October) caught my attention.  “Get Noticed” was the first article which gave 21 low cost marketing moves.  Number one on the list was blogging.  So here I am, blogging.  Blogging is free so why not.  Another tip is to be a contributor for a blog that is already well established.  Some other key moves is to survey your customers to learn more about what they want.  Also, reward referrals.  This is a low cost way to get good business.  Number 17 on the list is to exploit the web and get your company on,, and  I know CMIT has not done this, I haven’t even heard of Squidoo.  Number 20 is to create a customer advisory board.  This is a great idea for CMIT.  I could use this customer advisory board to discuss new product ideas!

The other article was named Strategies.  The section on “Clicks, Stick the Landing Page” was a great reminder for how important first impressions are.  The landing page needs to match the marketing campaign or ad that drove them to your site.  The page should look professional with one call to action.  It is a good idea to give away something like a free report or white paper.  You should create a different landing page for each category of ads you are running.  You can keep the page simple by targeting different segments with unique messaging for each.

The web is not going away so all businesses need to take the time to make sure their site represents the image they want to portray.